78-rpm releases

“Frankie” / “Nobody’s Dirty Business” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8560), 1928
“Stack O’ Lee” / “Candy Man Blues” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8654), 1928
“Blessed Be the Name” / “Praying on the Old Camp Ground” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8666), 1928
“Blue Harvest Blues” / “Spike Driver Blues” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8692), 1928
“Louis Collins” / “Got the Blues (Can’t Be Satisfied)” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8724), 1928
“Ain’t No Tellin'” / “Avalon Blues” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8759), 1928


Folk Songs and Blues, live recordings (Piedmont Records, PLP 13757), 1963
Worried Blues (Piedmont Records, PLP 13161), 1964
Today! (Vanguard Records, VSD-79220), 1966
The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt (Vanguard Records, VSD-79248), 1967
The Best of Mississippi John Hurt, live recordings (Vanguard Records, VSD-19/20), 1970
Last Sessions (Vanguard Records, VSD-79327), 1972
Volume One of a Legacy, live recordings (Piedmont Records, CLPS 1068), 1975
Monday Morning Blues: The Library of Congress Recordings, vol. 1 (Flyright Records, FLYLP 553), 1980
Avalon Blues: The Library of Congress Recordings, vol. 2 (Heritage Records, HT-301), 1982
Satisfied, live recordings (Quicksilver Intermedia, QS 5007), 1982
The Candy Man, live recordings (Quicksilver Intermedia, QS 5042), 1982
Sacred and Secular: The Library of Congress Recordings, vol. 3 (Heritage Records, HT-320), 1988
Avalon Blues (Flyright Records, FLYCD 06), 1989
Memorial Anthology, live recordings (Genes Records, GCD 9906/7), 1993