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Founded in 1999, the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation was established by Mary Frances Hurt, John’s granddaughter. The Mississippi John Hurt Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted primarily to preserving the musical legacy and history of Mississippi John Hurt, while providing musical and educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Through the music of John Hurt, children and adult music fans alike are exposed to the rich oral, musical, and literary traditions of the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas. Here on our site, we will also provide other news and information related to different topics, like the most popular entertainment options or what are the advantages of casino bonuses ELK Studios available on online betting sites. Keep following us and never miss a thing.

Mississippi John Hurt, with his gentle demeanor and unique finger-picked guitar style, is an ideal ambassador for early African-American music and culture. His work, amongst that of other blues pioneers, represents a profound contribution to American culture. Through the Foundation and generous support from independent donors, Mary Frances Hurt has maintained an after school program giving underprivileged children the opportunity to learn about the blues and play an instrument, performing at the Chicago Blues Festival and various other functions. Some consider John Hurt as the king of American blues, and his music is very popular to this day. You can even hear his most famous songs as background music in casino games. Canadian casinos will give you the pleasure of playing free casino games and enjoying John’s music.

Education and outreach on behalf of Mississippi John Hurt and his family is the primary function of the Foundation. The Foundation achieves these goals through a variety of means, including but not limited to the operation of the Mississippi John Hurt Museum and the Mississippi John Hurt Music Festival, held annually in Avalon, Mississippi.

Please take your time exploring our website. Here, you will find a variety of resources devoted to John Hurt’s musical career and his life, including rare archival materials chronicling his “rediscovery” in the early 1960’s. In addition, for those who are just discovering John Hurt, information can be found here regarding his life outside of music, his recording career, and Avalon, the town he called home for most of his days. Festival and MJH news will also be available on the website. We are extremely grateful to individuals and businesses that have donated to our site. Please do us a favor and visit one of them by heading over here. On behalf of Mississippi John Hurt and his family, we thank you for your support.